The Best Masturbation Machine for Men – Autoblow 2

The Autoblow 2 was released in July of 2014 – the result of years of scientific research, development, and testing to produce the ultimate masturbation machine for men, and the final product already widely judged to live up to the hype. The Autoblow 2 is the world’s best male masturbation machine, and you can own it now for under $150 :

Unlimited blowjobs on tap from the Autoblow 2 – the new and improved version of the world’s first blowjob machine for men!

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O Force Male Vibrator

o-forceO Force Male Vibrator ($49)

Capable of five powerful vibration speeds, a true male vibrator has now arrived in the form of the LoveHoney O Force.

Comfortable on both the inside and outside, this toy is a pleasure to hold and a mindblowing thrill to slide up and down your penis.

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Hydromax Penis Pump Machine

hydromax-pumpHydromax Penis Pump ($349)

Probably the most sophisticated penis pump machine in the world, the Hydromax is the ultimate in those wanting to use penis pumps for permanent enlargement, instant rock hard erections, and incredible pleasure from an advanced masturbation machine.

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Best Masturbation Machines for Men

Women no longer have it all their own way when it comes to a choice of amazing masturbation machines.  In fact men now have something that women don’t – a genuine Virtual Reality Sex Machine($199) that allows you to experience sex with a beautiful pornstar.  At half the price, you get half the pleasure, but the Autoblow Blowjob Machine ($99) is still a good buy for those who want to experience the thrill of a blowjob anytime, anywhere.  Something similar is the Roto-Bator Masturbation Machine ($101), a toy that will do things to your penis that even a woman’s tongue can’t.  At the very top end of the male masturbation toy market are the incredible SOM Sex Machines from Japan(available to buy from the UK at $150-$500).  Even Fleshlight, the leading sellers of realistic pussies, are joining the machine revolution.  The Fleshlight Vibro ($89) adds a powerful vibrating sensation to their massively popular male sex toys.

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Mastomatic Masturbation Machine for Men

The Mastomatic is a hands free masturbation machine for men that has a fully adjustable speed control. The Mastomatic is small, portable, and easy to use. This is a masturbation toy perfect for those days you’re feeling horny but you’re feeling so lazy you can barely move. I love using this thing when I’ve woken up from a sexy dream or just feeling horny. I keep my Mastomatic at the side of my bed and it’s easy to just slide on to my cock and switch on.

Click to buy the Mastomatic for $119.95


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